Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish in 2022

In this post, we are going to tell you about glitter gel nail polish. We all have at least one customer that enjoys having some glitter added to their manicure, whether it be for a special occasion, a party, or just because they want it.

Therefore, be ready to wow everyone that enters your nail salon with our round-up of the finest glitter gel nail paints, which are certain to make anyone’s day a little bit brighter…

What is glitter gel nail polish in 2022?

Here is the list of glitter gel nail polish in 2022:

1. Glossy Gel Polish

Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish in 2022
Glossy Gel Polish

Glossy, one of the most recent additions to the glitter gel nail polish line we carry here at Salons Direct has been an immediate top seller! Each colour is very pigmented and has a stunning glossy finish; the recipe is animal-friendly and vegan.

Gold Digger by Glossify Gel Polish is a stunning gold glitter that can be worn any time of the year. It is perfect for making a “statement finger,” and whether paired with warm-weather tones, autumnal colors, or a seasonal favourite, you can give your client a manicure that they will like.

Glossy Holo No Wipe Top Coat is another of our glitter gel polishes that are considered to be the finest. Paint on and cure for a fine holographic glitter finish. However, this is the ideal finishing touch for any amazing colors Glossify offers.

2. Glitterbels Gel Polish

Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish in 2022
Glitterbels Gel Polish

One more option of glitter gel nail polish. Glitterbels gel polish, according to the expectations raised by their brand name, comes in various stunningly glittering colors that may be chosen. This vegan nail company is all about glitter, and if you’ve been following @glitterbels on Instagram, you already know this fact!

It was a difficult endeavor, but we were able to find two Glitterbels glitter gel nail polishes that are constantly in high demand at Salons Direct. Both of these glitter gel nail polishes are available in different colors.

To start, there is the enchanted Glitterbels Gel Polish in Gold Holo Sparkle. This highly pigmented gold is composed of a wide variety of glitters in various tonalities. Moreover, this should be a fixture in your nail salon since it is perfect for wearing on its own or as part of the nail art creations you create.

The Glitterbels Gel Polish in Diamond Gold is our recommendation for the best glitter gel polish as our second-best option. You may layer it beneath a coat of chunkier glitter, add some embellishments, or keep it simple if you like. It has more of a gentle sheen.

3. Gallup Gel Polish

Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish in 2022
Gallup Gel Polish

It would not be very careful of us not to add Gelluv gel polish in Aurora to our list of the top glitter gel polishes. This breathtaking sparkling pink tint exudes real princess feelings, while the formula promises chip-free use for up to three weeks at a time. However, this is the best glitter gel nail polish.

4. Gellux Gel Polish

Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish in 2022
Gellux Gel Polish

This Glitz hue of Gellux gel polish is an excellent choice for the fall season. Not only does it dazzle with copper and bronze tones, but it also cures in only thirty seconds when you use the Gellux LED Pro light.

Have you come across any other Gellux colors that you like but wish they had a shimmer? If you want a glittering effect, all you have to do is apply the Gellux Holographic No Wipe Top Coat over any of their gel polishes. That is why this is amazing glitter gel nail polish.

5. Polished Bluesky Gel Nails

Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish in 2022
Polished Bluesky Gel Nails

You will find an exquisite variety of glitter gel nail polish colors to pick from within the Bluesky Gel Polish collection, including some glitters that are impossible to resist.

The Bluesky Gel Polish in Fairy Dust is one of our absolute favourites. This delicate and girly hue of pink is guaranteed to pique the interest of many customers, whether it is for a particular event or to make their day a little bit brighter. To make matters even better, every hue of Bluesky gel polish is cruelty-free and vegan.

Final verdict:

In this article, we have told you about glitter gel nail polish. We hope after reading this article you will pick the best nail paint.

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